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Pathfinder RPG-> Races Section


Shadow d20

  • Dragonborn - New: true breading humanoid Dragon race that does not require a ritual.
  • Iguanian - New: Lizard like race that lives in the deep desert.

  • Mwangi Catfolk - New: This catfolk race replaces the human culture of Mwangi.

  • Planetouched - New: customizable Celestial or Fiendish race.
  • Ulfen Minotaur - New: The human culture Ulfen is now a horned monstrous humanoid race.



  • Changeling - Enhancement: Small change to make them fit better in Pathfinder.
  • Shoanti Shifters - This race replaces the human culture of Shoanti.
  • Warforged - Enhancement: Small changes to make them fit better in Pathfinder. 

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