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PRPG->Feats-> Wall Smash - New

Shadow d20


Shadow d20 Notes: Some different stuff to do with CMB/CMD.


Wall Smash(Combat)

You slam your shield or armored shoulder into your enemy, pushing him backwards into an unmovable object.

Prerequisite: Improved Bull Rush

Benefit: You can attempt to bull rush an opponent into a wall or other unmovable objects. If you succeed on your bull rush combat maneuver and the movement would move them into or past an unmovable object that opponent takes damage. The amount of damage is equal to one of the following choices: your unarmed strike damage, your spiked armor or shield damage, or 1d6 (assuming your Medium; 1d4 points of damage if Small) plus one and half strength bonus.

Normal: Bull rushing an opponent into an unmovable object does not cause damage.


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