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Pathfinder RPG-> Feats


Paizo Feats Houseruled


Shadow d20

  • Action Boost - New (Action Points): When you spend an action point roll d8s instead of d6s.
  • Close-Quarters Fighting - New (Combat): Make an AoO vs grapple attempts and add your damage to your CMD.
  • Entangling Charge - New (Racial): Your charge entangles opponents on your deadly horns.
  • Extra Patron Magic - New: You can use your Patron Magic ability more often.
  • Insightful Strike - New (Combat): Use intelligence instead of strength with melee weapons.
  • Impaling Horns - New (Racial): Your charge impales opponents on your horns causing bleed damage.
  • Improved Two-Weapon Defense - New (Combat): +2 to AC while wielding 2 weapons. +4 when doing so defensively.
  • Massive Combatant - New (Combat): Use your Con instead of Str for all Combat Maneuvers.
  • Minotaur's Charge - New (Racial): Your charge send foes reeling away, knocking them to the ground.
  • Shield Rush - New (Combat): You deal extra damage with a shield bash if used during a charge.
  • Slice and Dice - New (Combat): Combine all your melee attack damage together vs DR.
  • Spiked Armor Rush - New (Combat): Attack with Armor spikes during a special attack.
  • Tower Shield Master - New (Combat): No longer take the -2 to hit with tower shields.
  • Wall Smash - New (Combat): Bull rush an opponent into a wall for damage.
  • Zen Combat - New (Combat): Use wisdom instead of strength with monk weapons.


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