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Weapon Type: One Handed Exotic Melee/Ranged Weapon

Weapon Damage(M): 1d10(20/x2)

Descriptors: Spear, Piercing, Thrown, Power

Range Increment: 30ft

Weapon Weight: 10lbs

Weapon Cost: 15gp


The harpoon is a broad-bladed spear fringed with barbs. The shaft of the harpoon has a trailing rope attached, to control harpooned opponents. Though designed for hunting whales and other large sea creatures, the harpoon can be used on dry land.


If it deals damage, the harpoon lodges in an opponent who fails a Reflex saving throw(DC10 + the damage dealt{This means less DR}). A harpooned creature moves at only half speed and cannot charge or run. If you control the trailing rope by succeeding on an opposed Strength check while holding it, the harpooned creature can only move within the limits that the rope allows(The trailing rope is 30 feet long). If the harpooned creature attempts to cast a spell, it must succeed on a DC15 Concentration check or lose the spell.


The harpooned creature can pull the harpoon from its wound if it has two free hands and takes a full-round action to do so, but it deals damage to itself equal to the initial damage the harpoon dealt. A character who succeeds on a DC15 Heal check can remove a harpoon without further damage.

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