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Welcome to Shadow d20 Rules Wiki


This Wiki Covers Iron Heroes and D&D 3.5 Expanded/Balanced Rules & FAQ.


A group of gamers uses this wiki as a central location to store all new and changed rules for both Iron Heroes and D&D 3.5 systems. As 4e is now out and their is no more official support for 3.5 this group needed a place to keep their house-rules and new additions to the game. This wiki provides a perfect service that is open to all and has several great tools including searching for this ever growing data base of rules. Some of these changes are considered balanced changes which means something was reduced in its effectiveness or we closed a loop hole. Some of the changes are enhancements changes which means we increased the effectiveness of a rule that this group found to be needing. The final part of this wiki is to cover FAQ's about rules and how this group interprets some of the more obscure sections of the rules and once decided upon that info can be stored in a central location. This is very helpful so DMs don't have to constantly have to answer the same set of rule questions multiple times including what the basic character creation rules are or what books are allowed by this group. To the right is a break down of the different sections of the two systems and provides a quick access method to the rules.


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