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D&D 3.5 Cure Spells, Spells - Enhancement

Players Handbook


Shadow d20 Notes: In a easy method to help play progress a little faster we have implemented the below enhancement. This enhancement has been in our games sense the days of AD&D and we see no reason to not continue the tradition at this point.


All Cure Spells

When NOT in combat All Cure Spells(a cure spell is any spell with "cure" in its name), cast by a divine caster, will give back MAX hit points per casting when not in combat. During combat or high stress they will work as per the description in the PHB.


  • This only works when the spell is cast by a Divine Spell Caster not when used off a wand, potion, or any other magic item that duplicates the effects of a Cure Spell.
  • High Stress is decided upon by the DM. This usually means any time the divine spellcaster can not fully focus his time on the healing spell. Which can include times when the cleric is all alone.

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