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D&D 3.5 Spellcraft, Skill - Enhanced

Players Handbook; SRD Link



Enhancement: New Tasks

  • Traps, Disable Magical Assist: A spellcaster can attempt to help a Rogue disable magical traps(or any class that has the Trapfinding class ability) and only magical traps, by using both Detect Magic and Spellcraft. By doing this the spellcaster will be at Ground Zero just like the Rogue and anything that happens to the rogue happens to the spellcaster. The spellcaster must use Detect Magic and make a Spellcraft vs DC20 + Trap Spell Level. If successful the rogue can add a +2 Luck Bonus to the rogue's Disable Trap attempt. The spellcaster does not need any ranks in the Disable Device Skill to use this ability.
    • Note: The rogue and spellcaster can be the same character.

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