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D&D 3.5 Balance, Skill - Enhanced


Shadow d20 Notes: The following are new special Tasks that can be accomplished using the Balance Skill. The biggest change is that the Balance skill will be used to affect special flying manuevers.



Difficult Terrain Fast Move: With a DC15 Balance check you reduce the number of slashes in a square by two, but only up to a maximum of 2 squares can be reduced in this method.

- Failure means that the character can move across the difficult terrain, but each

squares cost of movement does not change.


Fly(Dex; Armor Check Penalty; Trained Only)

You are skilled at f lying, either through the use of wings or magic, and you can perform daring maneuvers while airborne. Note that this skill does not give you the ability to fly.

     Check: You can perform maneuvers while flying. Without making a check, a flying creature can remain flying at the end of its turn so long as it moves a distance greater than half its speed. It can also turn up to 45 degrees by sacrificing 5 feet of movement, can rise at half speed at an angle of 45 degrees, and can descend at any angle at normal speed. Note that these restrictions only apply to movement taken during your current turn. At the beginning of the next turn, you can move in a different direction than you did the previous turn without making a check. Taking any action that violates these rules requires a check. The difficulty of these maneuvers varies, as noted on the following chart.


Flying Maneuver
Fly DC
Move less than half speed and remain flying 10
Hover 15
Turn greater than 45° by spending 5 feet of movement 15
Turn 180° by spending 10 feet of movement 20
Fly up at a greater than 45° angle 20


Action: None. A Fly check doesn’t require an action; it is made as part of another action or as a reaction to a situation.

Try Again: Varies. You can attempt a Fly check to perform the same maneuver on subsequent rounds. If you are using wings and you fail this check by 5 or more, you plummet to the ground, taking the appropriate falling damage.


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