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D&D 3.5 Expanded Descriptions for Feats.


Core PHB/DMG/MM Feats


Eberron Campaign Setting


Complete Arcane


Complete Mage


Complete Psionics


Complete Warrior


Tome of Battle - Book of 9 Swords

  • The following feats have been removed:
    • Adaptive Style, Extra Granted Maneuver, Psychich Renewal, & Sudden Recover.
  • Vital Recovery - Changed do to no recharge ability.


Unearthed Arcana


New Shadow d20 Feats



  • Action Healing Hands - New(Paladin): Spend a action point to empower, quicken, or reach your lay on hands.
  • Arcane Weapon - New(Fighter): +1 damage and weapons are considered magic.
  • Dazing Smite - New(Paladin): Smite Evil can daze opponent hit.
  • Dazzling Display - New(Fighter): Intimidate all foes within 30 feet.
  • Deadly Aim - New(Fighter): Trade ranged attack bonus for damage.
  • Defensive Combat Attacks - New(Fighter): Gain a +4 bonus on Defensive CAC checks.
  • Double Slice - New(Fighter): Normal damage with off-hand attacks.
  • Empowered Smite - New(Paladin): Add Cha to smite evil attack and damage.
  • Ethereal Smite - New(Paladin): Smite Evil to gain Ghost Touch Weapon 1 round.
  • Exotic Heavy Double - New(Fighter): Double weapon off-hand is not considered light.
  • Fencing Stance - New(Fighter): Gain bonus to AC when not using a shield and a light weapon.
    • Weapon Swap - New(Fighter): Make all of your attacks, including off-hand, with one weapon.
  • Flowing Blade - New(Monk, Soulknife): Flurry a Mindblade.
  • Hands of a Healer - New(Paladin): Your Cha score is 2 higher for purposes of Lay on Hands.
  • Holy Wrath - New(Paladin): 2 Smite Evil attacks to make a ranged touch attack instead.
  • Inspiration - New(Paladin): Expend turn undead to increase aura.
  • Intimidating Prowess - New(Fighter): Add Str to intimidate in addition to Cha.
  • Improved Holy Weapon - New(Paladin): The damage caused by your Holy Weapon class feature is increased.
  • Massive Combatant -New(Fighter): Use your Con instead of Str or Dex for all Combat Attack Checks.
  • Master Craftsman - New(Fighter): Use Craft skill without spellcaster levels to qualify for Crafts Arms and Armor.
  • Overhand Chop - New(Fighter): Add double Str bonus with 2-handed weapons.
    • Backswing - New(Fighter): Deal extra damage with 2-handed weapon.
  • Rapid Infusion - New(Artificer): Hasten an infusion without spending an action point.
  • Scorpion Style - New(Fighter, Monk): Reduce target's speed to 5ft.
  • Shield Mastery - New(Fighter): No two-weapon penalties when using a shield.
  • Shield Rush - New(Fighter): Free bull rush with a shield bash attack.
  • Spiked Armor Rush - New(Fighter): Attack with Armor spikes during a special attack.
  • Swift Call Mount - New(Paladin): Swift call your paladin mount.
  • Touch of Healing - New(Reserve): Heal 3 points of damage per level of the highest-level healing spell you have available to cast.
  • Tower Shield Adaptation - New(Fighter): No longer take the -2 to hit with tower shields.
    • Tower Shield Focus - New(Fighter): The armor check penalty of a tower shield is reduced.
  • Wind Stance - New(Fighter): Gain 20% concealment vs ranged attacks if you move.






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