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Page history last edited by ShadowLord 16 years ago

D&D 3.5 Reserve Feats - Balanced

Complete Mage pg38


Shadow d20 Notes: While reserve feats are a great addition to the game the ability to cause unlimited elemental damage can cause some issues for DMs. For example using the Fire Reserve Feat to burn through a wall, door, or melt a whole ice fortress. While this is a extreme case the follow change keeps these feats useful without making them game breaking.


Add the following wording to the end of any Damage Dealing Reserve Feat.

Special: The mystical energy of a Reserve Feat does not do damage to inanimate objects. So for example the Fiery Burst reserve feat if used against a Door or chest would cause NO damage to those objects instead of half damage. This includes objects like a natural wall of ice, but does not include a Magical Wall of Ice.

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