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D&D 3.5 Greater Mind Shield, Feat - New

Shadow d20



Greater Mind Shield(Soulknife)

You form a mind shield with great versatility.

Prerequisites: Mind Shield, ability to form a +2 mind blade, shape mind blade ability.

Benefit: When you form a mind shield, you may create either a light or a heavy shield. You may change between these two shields types as a full-round action. Additionally, you may grant your mind shield special abilities. You may choose a number of abilities from the following list whose total enhancement bonus value does not exceed your mind blade special ability enhancement value. You may reassign the abilities to your shield at the same time you reassign abilities for your mind blade.


Armor Special Ability Enhancement bonus Value
Fortification, Light+1
Arrow Deflection+2
Power Resistance(13)*+2
Ghost Touch+3
Fortification, Moderate+3
Power Resistance(15)*+3

*In Expanded Psionics Handbook

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