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3.5 D&D Adamantine Mind Blade, Feats - New

Shadow d20



Adamantine Mind Blade(Soulknife)

Your mind blade is as strong and sharp as adamantine.

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1, ability to form a mind blade.

Benefit: Your mind blade acts as adamantine weapon for purposes of overcoming damage reduction, but not object hardness. Your mind blade does not gain any of the other properties of an adamantine weapon. The mind blade also becomes harder than normal and gains hardness 20 and causes +1 damage bonus.

Normal: Mind blades have hardness 10 and 10 hit points and are considered only magical for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Special: You cannot take this feat if you already have the Silver Mind Blade or Cold Iron Mind Blade feat. This feat does not allow one to ignore the hardness of objects like doors or weapons when performing a sunder attack.

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