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D&D 3.5 Character Creation Default Rules


For character generation you can by default use only the books listed on this wiki. Also check with the DM as they may have added to this list of allowed books. Below is the set of default character creation rules that this groups uses. Certain campaigns may call for changes to the below rules and if so will be listed by the DM on an individual bases.


Character Creation Rules

No EVIL type characters allowed.
Character Sheet: We have a custom version of the Heroforge excel based character sheet with many of the Shadow d20 rules included. Please use it for character generation.
Feats & Classes: Any from the allowed Books.
Starting Money: Will be class average listed on page 111 of the PHB or see Class Starting Gold for a list of classes and their starting gold outside the PHB.
Starting Gear: Any items that you can afford, that can be found in the 3.5 allowed books. Please remember you can NOT use the Craft skill to craft items before the game starts at a reduced price.
Starting Races: Any non-LA+ race that can be found in the 3.5 allowed books or listed in the races section of the wiki. Some DMs may allow LA+ races but by default they are not allowed.
Starting Character Level After first: If starting after level 1, Starting Money will be determined by DM. Magic Items maybe assigned to players by the DM after they have finished their character.
Ability Points: Will be using the 32 Point Buy System listed in the DMG page 169. No score can be higher than 18 without racial modifiers and no score can be lower than 8 without racial modifiers.
Hit Points: Hit Points at all levels besides 1st will be earned by rolling 2 dice instead of 1. The higher of the 2 dice will be used. For example a rogue rolls 2 six sided dice, and gets a 2 and 4. The rogue would gain 4 more hit points.
Character Age: You can set your age for a character, but you do NOT gain any + to ability scores do to age. All negative stats still apply per normal. In other words you can not play a Venerable Dragonwrought Kobold and expect to gain +3 stat boosts to all Mental Stats and no penalties.
Action Points: We do use a system known as Action Points (pg 45 of the Eberron Campaign Setting). We will not be using the the Action Points from the Unearthed Arcana.
Character Traits: These are from the Unearthed Arcana and are currently being allowed again, but only one and only at 1st level. These are listed on pg86 of the Unearthed Arcana or HERE. You do not have to take a character trait if you do not wish too.
Shadow d20 Rules: Their are many rule changes on this wiki including balanced and enhanced rules. Their are the Core PHB changes that are all optional, but highly recommended. Then their is a small list of changed/balanced rules that will be Enforced by All DMs and must be used. Please read over these Enforced rule changes before the game and feel free to ask any questions you wish.
Reference Sheets: To try and make things easier their several pdf documents that are meant to be printed and used at a game session. The first is a Combat Reference Sheet that has Shadow d20 changes and other combat references. The Special Attack Reference Sheet is an easier to read list of combat special attacks like sunder, disarm, or grapple. The Chips Color Descriptions reference document lists the different colored chips that are used with miniatures and what they represent. The final reference sheet is the Terrain Reference Sheet which shows how we display different terrain types like difficult terrain on our battle map.


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