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D&D 3.5 Expanded Descriptions & FAQ

The official WotC FAQ can be found Here


Shadow d20 Notes: The below sections expands on the D&D 3.5 Core Rules and Errata. The information below supersedes the D&D 3.5 Core Rules as they have been decided upon by this Group as a whole. Please use the below information when creating characters for our 3.5 games. Most of the below changes are changes done to enhance the game for players. As such only the Balanced Changes are required to be used by players and will be enforced by the DMs. If a players does not wish to use a beneficial rule change then the only one they hurt is themselves in most cases in others the whole party is hurt. If you are using core stuff only and wish to see what has bee enhanced see Core Changes.


Wiki Terms:

  • Balanced - This type of change decreases effectiveness and will be enforced by all DMs.
  • Enhancement - This type of change increases effectiveness. These will NOT enforced by DMs. If a player does not wish to use a beneficial change he does not have to.
  • FAQ - Frequent Ask Questions. This tries to explain the reasons behind why a rule works the way it does or how this group interprets a rule.


Shadow d20 3.5 D&D Sections

Character Creation Sections

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