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Page history last edited by ShadowLord 15 years, 1 month ago

D&D 3.5 Vital Recovery, Bo9S Feat - Enhancement

Tome of Battle - Book of 9 Swords


Shadow d20 Notes: This feat was changed do to Maneuvers being only once per encounter only with NO recharge ability. See Book of 9 Swords for full details.


Vital Recovery

Preparing yourself to execute more of your Expending a maneuver gives you the chance to catch a quick second wind and recover from damage you have sustained in the fight.


Prerequisite: Two martial maneuvers.

Benefit: When you recover one or more expended maneuvers You can expended a unused maneuver, as a swift action, to heal 3 points of damage + 1 point per character level. This is a special use of a maneuver and You gain no other benefit for expending the feat. You can gain this benefit only once per encounter.



  • Expend one maneuver as a swift action to gain the benefit of this feat.
  • This can still only be done once per encounter.
  • The maneuver is expended without any other benefit.
  • This is a unnamed type healing so its not halfed for Warforged.


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