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Starfinder - Shadow d20

Official Paizo FAQ



Shadow d20 House Rules

  1. Solarion can pick Cha or Str as a key ability score.
  2. Fusions can be placed on a weapon crystal.
  3. Operative Ghost specialization does not get +4 to Stealth (this is a Errata change).
  4. Players know how much energy/charges are in a battery. If you scavenge a batter from an enemies weapon and slap the battery in your gun you know how many charges are left.
  5. We play with two grades of batteries. Weapon grade and equipment grade. Meaning you can not purchase a 1 credit flashlight and pull out the battery and get a 60 credit weapon grade battery to use in your gun. Equipment batteries DO NOT power weapons. If you need to a weapon battery can power a piece of equipment.
  6. Pulsecaster rifle uses a 20 charge batter with 1 charge per use.  This is another Errata change that is coming.
  7. Improved Unarmed Strike feat removes the archaic and nonlethal properties.

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